Collapsible Containers, Returnable Containers, Reusable, Pallet


Where are you located?
We have Warehouses in Atlanta, Georgia and Detroit, Michigan.

Do you repair containers?
Yes.  Generally, a "repair" is just a swap of a broken part for a good part.  We do not fabricate any parts or do any "sonic" or plastic welding to fix containers.  We feel that plastic welding does not repair a container to the standard capacitites most facilities require in their containers.

What are your Payment Terms?
Our best Prices are always listed with NET 10 Payment Terms.  There is an additional cost for NET 30 Payment Terms.

Who handles the freight costs?
All freight is on buyer.  If you need help with finding a Shipping company, we can refer you to several good companies. (If you have containers/scrap to sell we can provide the pick up)

Do you provide container services such as repairs, rentals and parts?
Yes, please see us at:

Do you purchase old/obsolete containers we no longer need?

Yes, we pay THE most for your obsolete containers, send the truck and everything gets recycled.  Take the proceeds as a credit for items you need or we send a check.  See us at: for more details

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