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We stock every brand of used knockdown container, Used Bulk Bin, Used Pallet containers, Used Bulk Containers and Refurbished Used Collapsible Container.  The most common brands are used Buckhorn, used Orbis, used Xytec, and used Ropak Containers.  Every container is checked or refurbished to ensure that all used Ropaks, used collapsible bulk bins, used knockdown containers, used pallet containers, used orbis bins, used Buckhorn containers, used xytec containers, and used collapsible containers are unbroken and in full working order.  Used Ropak containers, used collapsible containers, used gaylords, used bulk containers, used knockdown bins, used Buckhorn containers, used Orbis containers and used collapsible bulk bins are each individually tested for durability.  Used Ropak containers, used collapsible containers, used knockdown bins, used Xytec containers, used buckhorn, used bulk containers, used pallet containers, and Used Orbis containers have 1800LB capacities and can be stacked three containers high when open and loaded with parts.  Every used collapsible bulk bin, used pallet container, used bulk container, used knockdown, used Ropak, used container and used collapsible container is guaranteed to be 100% usable and in full working order when they leave our facility.  Thank you for checking to fill your used container, used knockdown,  used plastic gaylord, used bulk container, used pallet container,used Ropak, used Buckhorn, used Orbis, used Xytec, used collapsible container, and refurbished container needs.